Using images from this site

If you’d like to use photos from this site, you may use any pictures in which people are not clearly recognisable, under restrictions of Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5. Please also inform me how and where the image(s) will be used via email. I retain my moral rights to all images on this site, and may refuse to permit continued use of them if I deem they are being used for purposes I do not approve of. Reproduction of any text from this site is prohibited under copyright law.

Removing images from this site

If there is a picture of you that you'd like removed from the blog, please give me the id number (shown in the URL of the full screen view). Sharing of pictures of a person without their permission is illegal, but to ask permission for every picture and person is impractical, and in most cases people are willing for their image to be shown online.

More about photography and rights in general

Here’s the rules (as far as I can make them out) about photography and the internet:

  • Just because it’s online and you’re able to copy it, doesn’t mean you’re allowed to copy it!
  • When you take a picture, you have copy-right and other intellectual property rights (eg the “moral right” to be credited, and to have control over where and how the picture is used). If someone else wants to use the picture, they need written permission from you.
  • If someone else retouches the picture, they have rights over the picture too, so both of you would need to be asked for permission. If you see someone using a picture you’ve taken, you can ask them to stop using it, and they must comply unless they have written permission from you.
  • To share pictures of children, you need written permission from their parents. And, to protect from child abusers, there are often extra restrictions about providing information that could be used to find out a child’s name and where they live/go to school etc.
  • You can take a picture of anyone you like in a public place - it might be impolite, but it’s not illegal. Likewise, people can take pictures of you in a public place, but solely for their own use. Sharing pictures of people without their permission (eg a “model release form”) is illegal. This means any way that someone else will see the pictures or copies of the pictures, electronically or physically. Most of the pictures on Facebook, and many on Flickr, are being shared illegally.
  • Taking a picture of an artwork, including sculptures (not sure where that becomes architecture) is illegal, unless the artist died more than 70 years ago. If the artwork’s in the background of your picture and you couldn’t avoid it being in the picture, you can use the “fair use” defence if you’re prosecuted, but you can’t rely on it.

That’s the legal stuff. However, once you’ve put pictures online, it’s very hard to stop people stealing them. So think hard before posting your work on the web, especially on “sharing” sites like Facebook, where you’ll end up losing a lot of rights.