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The Friendly Wheel

Wheels are great! Imagine trying to carry a large fridge or wardrobe: few people could manage it on their own. But with wheels, most people could! The wheel is a great friend for lazy people, because you are using the ground to do the lifting, and you only have to do the pushing or pulling. And as you push or pull, think about how hard it would be without the wheels, or the cost or hassle of getting someone to help. I remember a long walk taking a large microwave back from town on a sack-truck: I think it was easier than it would have been to carry it to the nearest taxi, and of course it was cheaper!

And not just for carrying - cycling or skating is a great way of getting around. Try jogging down a hill, or even on the flat, then cycle the same route. By bike, it’s almost certain that you can do it faster, and using less energy. Going downhill, you can use gravity to propel you for free. And even going up hills, with a decent set of gears you can probably cycle faster than you could run up, and with less energy used again! The ultimate is to rig up a trailer to your bike!

Health is an important point: many people injure their backs and pull muscles by trying to lift things that are too heavy. It’s not very lazy to “spend” several weeks of discomfort because of a few seconds of bad lifting. Always let the wheels do the work - they don’t have a back to strain. If you lift at work, your employers are legally obliged to provide you with equipment to lift things. And you can probably carry more at once on a trolley, and not be so rushed.

Finally, rolling is fun! Threading a trolley through small spaces and into lifts, planning a route along a bumpy pavement, listening to the c-chka-c-chka sound of wheels on tiles… let your imagination take you to a fantasy world of car chases, dressage, driving lessons, rallying, engine-driving, space travel, sailing… whatever you fancy, but take care not to collide with anyone!