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Washing up the Lazy Way

Many things just have to be done, and washing up is one. But the master of laziness will find a way to enjoy things that they have to do.

So here’s the lazy technique for getting that washing up done:

  1. Firstly, think about your diet: vegan food tends to require less effort to wash off; sometime just hot water. Roast meat can be very greasy! And finish your food: it’s no good leaving plates ready to wash if they’re full of half eaten food. And cooking more than you want to eat is a waste of food, money and time.
  2. Don’t wash up just one or two dishes (unless you only have one or two). But do leave them to soak because it will make the washing up a lot easier. If there’s a jug waiting to wash, fill it with water and put cutlery in it. Don’t put everything in the bowl: you won’t be able to get to the sink and everything will get greasy and harder to wash.
  3. When you’re ready to wash up, put on your favourite radio show or album, tip away the water in the dishes you’re soaking (maybe you can water some plants with it), and get a nice bowl full of hot water. Use environmental washing liquid, because I can’t be bothered to deal with environmental pollution. Wash in this order to make the most of the hot water and detergent and get a good wash: Glassware, then cutlery, plates and dishes, then cooking implements (these tend to be more greasy and dirty).
  4. There - if you use some candles and have a glass of wine, it’s more like a nice warm bath than a chore. You have done well, Laziness Master!