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What is “Handle it Once”

This is one of your key mottos for enlightened laziness. It’s a technique from the world of work which has been used to on soul-less production lines to make huge profits for their bosses. But we’re going to re-claim this technique to make life better for everyone.

This is best explained with an example: imagine someone mowing a small lawn. They get out to mower, plug it in, and mow half of the lawn and put it all away again. The next day, they get it all out again and do the other half.

So our gardener has got the mower out and put it away again twice; what a waste of time! What a silly example! Well yes, but how many things do you do that are equally as inefficient? Do you wash up a small amount at a time, wasting detergent and hot water? Do you take a journey to do just one thing, then another journey for another thing, wasting fuel and time?