I heard someone say this: “The secret of patience is having something to do while you’re waiting.”

That’s it! I know someone who has a job compressing video files to go on the internet, which can be a slow process. Once he’s started the compressing, he has to wait until it’s finished. But he doesn’t just sit there watching the progress bar on the screen (“200K of 18.2GB completed: estimated time remaining, about 2 days”) - he opens up another program and does something else!

He forgets entirely about the compressing until the computer’s finished. He’s a bit of a laziness expert really; if he goes out for lunch or even to the loo, he tries to find some slow processes for the computer to get on with while he’s away!

But this isn’t just a computer technique. Imagine a station or bus stop with a delayed service: people are complaining and getting stressed. But the lazy dog is sitting down with some food and a good book, not bothered at all.

These people that can wait don’t have superhuman patience: they are just enjoying the journey from now until then. Someone said “It’s better to travel hopefully than to arrive.” Well, I hope the arriving is good too, but a lazy dog will not pin all their hopes on the future - they know that enjoying the now is the way to win in this world, and that the future might turn out entirely differently than planned.