What make St Paul such a lazy hero? According to the bible account, despite not becoming a Christian believer until after Jesus was crucified, he seems to have become the main character in the second half of the New Testament, writing letters, travelling, preaching and so on.

BUT he is also a great example to us disciples of laziness. He was imprisoned for preaching, and whilst there he said “Whatever circumstance I am in, whether good or bad, I have learnt to be content.”

Some people say that the Council of Rome (who decided which early Christian writings should go in the “official” Bible) chose Paul’s writings because this (and other things he said) were good for stopping any revolutionary feelings among the people. We shouldn’t be content with things that aren’t right, but we can learn to be happy right now in the moment, content that we have plans to improve the things that we can improve, and we’ve accepted the things we can’t change.

Paul was also lazy on the behalf of others: he had skills as a tent-maker, so he made and sold tents in between preaching so he wouldn’t be a financial burden on other people.

I’m not so sure about his efforts and “standardising” Christianity; he used to be an expert in Jewish religious law, and he probably thought that the early Christians (often led by people without any academic experience) were far too vague, and in danger of coming under all sorts of influences; Jesus didn’t set down many clear “rules” for Christianity, and much of what Paul wrote as advice to individual churches has been taken as a God-given rule for all Christians (such as the rule that women shouldn’t speak in church). There should be a warning for lazy people in that.