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What is Enlightened laziness?

“Lazy&rdquo has been an insult for a long time. And yes, there’s only so long you can stay in bed before you need to eat something or go to the loo. But laziness has a good side when it’s used with intelligence, and this is what I call Enlightened Laziness.

My kind of laziness could also be called “efficiency”: living uses up various resources, particularly time, money and energy (both emotional and physical). And we living things like to spend as much of these resources on things that make us content and happy. So why not find ways to reduce the resources we spend on things we don’t enjoy?

This might sound a bit selfish, but here’s the catch: true masters of laziness aren’t just lazy for themselves: they are lazy for everyone. Imagine you’re chewing some gum, and you drop it one the floor because you’re not willing to walk an extra step or two to the bin. Later on someone gets it stuck on their shoe and has a really annoying time removing it. What a XXXXing waste of time and stress! With a tiny amount of effort, you could have prevented all this. No respect due. And what’s more, you should think about whether you really enjoy chewing gum; you could save some time and money for yourself by not buying it.

On a much larger scale, many of the problems encountered in the world could have been prevented by a small amount of effort, but people didn’t understand laziness properly, and didn’t do something easy at the right time, so landed themselves (and lots of other people) in a ton of trouble. Idiots! Ach, I’m getting annoyed, another waste of my energy. Read some of my ideas on my laziness page and learn how to be lazy!